4 Reasons Why Every Solar Installation Needs Proper and Consistent Maintenance

4 Reasons Why Every Solar Installation Needs Proper and Consistent Maintenance


Why should you have your solar installation maintained?

  1. Keep PV cells functioning at optimal capacity
  2. Improve and sustain high levels of safety
  3. Stop invisible issues from getting worse.
  4. Extend the lifespan and your savings by twofold


Solar rooftop technology is one of the leading alternative sources of power. It is a symbol for sustainability and is a popular option for families and businesses who are gunning for savings in their electricity bill.

Another reason why solar installations are a popular choice for green energy is the ease of maintenance that it needs. That being said, the few times upkeep is needed is vital for the lifespan of a solar installation. Take a look at these four reasons why every solar installation needs proper and consistent maintenance.


Keep PV Cells Functioning at Optimal Capacity

In most cases, the maintenance that solar installations need is simply cleaning.  However, cleaning does more than just clearing out dust that piles up on the solar panel. By cleaning, you also remove any obstructions that prevent light from reaching the PV modules. Even the faintest layer of dust and dirt can have an effect on the overall efficiency of your solar installation.

Regular cleaning will ensure that your solar panels are always producing energy at its maximum range.

Other things that might help further increase functionalities of your solar system is by checking up on the hardware itself. From the conditions of the solar panels and the cables—to the state of the inverter and monitoring equipment. Ensuring that the parts of the whole are at the best condition guarantees a fully functional and optimal solar system.


Improve and Sustain High Levels of Safety

Solar installations are designed and built to last for decades. This is one of the defining features of solar. Because of this, the materials used are cherry picked to withstand what nature has in store for that particular location. Solar panels are tightly secured to the roofs and/or the ground. And the cables are hidden away against heat and rain to prevent wear and tear.

Safety is one of the top priorities of Spectrum, and that is something that can be seen with through the equipment and materials we use, as well as the care and expertise that our team keeps in mind while installations happen.

But of course, no matter the sturdiness of materials, time and nature will still erode the sturdiness and durability of the solar installation when not maintained for long enough. A simple check up from experts will easily distinguish if the support railings need to be tightened or replaces, if the cracks have formed in the solar panel after debris from a hurricane hit it, or if the cables have been damaged through the protective covering it already has.

Just like how people go to the doctor for a check up, having your solar installation checked form time to time can ultimately prevent problems that won’t entirely be seen by just looking. Which leads us to our next point.


Stop Invisible Issues from Getting Worse

Though this is something that barely happens, it is still worth noting that there is a possibility that problems can arise from the solar installation itself. For example, excessive intense heat and rain end up damaging a cell or two in the solar panel, effectively capping the maximum power generation it can provide or worse—outright stopping harvest of solar energy.

These are problems that only the eyes and experience of energy experts will spot. Keep in mind that issues that spawn from the circuitry being damaged can be very dangerous. These can lead to fires or explosions if not tended to fast.

Preventive Maintenance is what needs to be done in order to well… prevent these from happening.


Extend the Lifespan by Twofold

Solar installations are made to live for decades with barely any maintenance whatsoever. A regularly maintained solar installation can easily outlast its forecasted lifespan while also performing as optimally as it can be.

With consistent maintenance done on the solar panel system, one that is forecasted to last for 20 years can effectively function at a respectable rate for up to 40 years. That is not including the possibility of better maintenance methods and tools in the future.

Just like how any other large scale electronic—solar panels are built and designed to withstand even with the bare minimum fixes and checks done upon it. By going the extra mile and keeping it at the best condition possible, you prolong its lifespan, ensure great energy production, and of course, keep the electricity savings up for a long time.


Final Thoughts

Solar power is one of the best alternative sources of power that can be used to ensure a greener future. Advancements in the solar industry continue to make the installation itself as powerful as can be. The most powerful solar panel is only as good as the whole solar installation. It needs to have a whole system that supports each other optimally and efficiently. And that means keeping the sum of its part maintained and preserved. As with the human body, making sure that a solar installation is always clean and free from issues inside and out is the key for it to last for decades.


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