Who We Are

A solar power company built with
Meralco’s 100+ years of energy expertise


Spectrum is a Renewable Energy (RE) provider in the Philippines. As a member of The Meralco Group,
we leverage Meralco’s 117 years of expertise in energy, seamless grid integration, and proven safety
track record as we deliver market-leading solar solutions to our customers.


Energy expertise

Our management team is equipped
with Meralco’s energy expertise


Seamless grid integration

Our close coordination with Meralco helps us
provide a seamless enrollment experience for
Net Metering, Zero Export and Peak / Off-Peak


Proven safety track record

We are committed to upholding the highest standards and quality control measures to preserve Meralco’s proven safety track record


Our vision

To be your trusted provider of renewable energy solutions


Our mission

Spectrum provides tailor-fit solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential customers through our in-depth understanding of energy consumption behaviors and strategic partnerships with world-class technology partners. We advocate corporate governance and social responsibility as we cut across boundaries to contribute to nation-building.


Our goals

We are committed to bringing market-leading renewable solutions to our customers, giving them the maximum returns for their investments. We strive for continuous innovation and aim to be at the cutting edge of renewable technology.

The Management

Our team of experts

Seasoned by years of experience in Meralco