Why power your business with solar?


Reduce operating cost

Lower your monthly electricity bill by
generating your own solar energy


Increase efficiency

Manage your energy consumption in
real-time with our dashboard technology


Achieve sustainability

Be a pioneer in renewable energy and
achieve your sustainability goals


Ways to finance your solar installation


MSpectrum Value-added Services


We can help you pair your solar installation with our value-added services to maximize
your savings and ensure worry-free operations. As part of The Meralco Group,
MSpectrum can assure you of a seamless enrollment experience with Meralco.


Meralco’s Peak / Off-Peak (POP)


A solution that allows customers to lower their electric bills by using electricity during off-peak hours, when the generation costs are lower.

Below is a table that summarizes Peak and Off-Peak hours of the week for your easy reference:

Reduce your overall electricity costs by:
  • Using solar energy during peak hours when demand for electricity and generation charges are higher.
  • Using energy from your electricity provider (e.g. Meralco) during off-peak hours when electricity demand and generation charges are lower.
Learn more about Peak/Off Peak
Solar Streetlights

Light up the night
with solar power

Solar Streetlights

Light up the night
with solar power


Solar street lights are an efficient way to brighten streets, gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces in your properties.


MSpectrum's solar street light solutions take advantage of the latest in lighting and solar technology to help you save costs while achieving your sustainability goals.

Our Projects

What our customers
say about MSpectrum

“We signed the contract with them less than eight months ago, and it is already fully implemented. In my four years in the Philippines, I've never seen a project roll out in the time span that it has, working with Spectrum.”

Kevin Benning
Chief Operating Officer,
City of Dreams

“Energy has always been one of our top spends, and going to solar is actually an opportunity for us to be able to save on power as well as improve our green credential in terms of our carbon footprint.”

Hiram Gomez
Senior Manger,
IRRI Supply Chain Services

“After getting solar power and enrolling in Net Metering, we [save] an average of P9,300 per month. We’re thinking of expanding solar on other public buildings, like our PNP (Philippine National Police) stations and our BFP (Bureau of Fire Protection) stations.”

Mayor Jasmin Bautista
Magallanes, Cavite
Local Government Unit

“Highly recommending Spectrum to anyone taking their clean energy commitments to the next level.  We did not have to worry about anything because the team was professional and reliable, and the product delivers [as] promised – quality on every square inch of the solar farm.”

Tyrone Uy
Manager, Central Engineering
of PMFTC, Inc.

“One of the most expensive utilities in running an office is electricity. I chose Spectrum because it is a subsidiary of Meralco, and then point-by-point, they explained to me how I will save on my electricity.”

Edgardo Vicente Irigo, Jr.
President, EVI Holding and
Development Corporation
Our Projects

What our customers
say about Spectrum


Frequently Asked

MSpectrum, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meralco specializing in Renewable Energy for Industrial, Commercial and Residential customers. MSpectrum offers end-to-end solutions for your solar needs.

Meralco believes that in order to achieve sustainability, it must innovate its business to adapt with the rapidly changing needs of its customers.

No. Solar can benefit all consumers. The size of the solar system does not depend on the amount of the bill but the amount of “Daytime” consumption. A consumer might be consuming a lot during evening but minimal during daytime. Adding the wattage of all appliances running during the day is the best way to “Right Size” the system.

No. Solar runs during daytime only. If a consumer oversizes the system, he/she will spend more investment, but less benefit. During the day, if the consumer consumes the solar energy, the benefit is the full grid rate of P8 to P9 per kWh. Exported energy through Net Metering is priced based on Generation Cost which is around P4.50 to P5.00 per kWh. This results in a longer payback period for the customer. Net Metering is a program under RA 9513, the Renewable Energy Act, that allows customers to install RE facilities up to 100kW. Any excess electricity not consumed is exported to the DU (Meralco). It is compensated through credits in their monthly bill.

No. The total cost of owning a battery results in an equivalent P/kWh rate of more than P20/kWh. Better to install a “grid-tied” solar system under Net Metering.

Yes. All sources of electricity synchronized with the grid must be applied with the Distribution Utility (DU) and must have a Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (CFEI) from the LGU. Also, the Net Metering scheme will only take effect once the system is approved by the DU.

Spectrum will cover the entire end-to-end process including Net Metering application and CFEI.

No. For safety purposes, it is mandated by law that the solar system turns off within 2 seconds after power interruption and turns on 10 minutes after power is restored. This is called "Anti-islanding Requirement".

Yes. Solar needs light to produce energy. As long as there is light, however minimal during the day, it will produce electricity.

There is a free online monitoring application that can be installed on your computer or phone. The customer must, however, provide internet connection in his/her house.

Yes. Even if the trusses are wood, as long as the roof is designed properly by an engineer that complies with applicable building code standards when it was constructed. Better consult with Spectrum to be sure.

If “Right-Sized”, the typical payback period is 6 to 7 years.
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